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What kind of tires are you looking for today?

  • Winter tires deliver additional grip, increased traction, shorter stopping distances, and better grip when cornering – providing an all-around safer driving experience in demanding wintry conditions. Their softer compound, deeper grooves and narrow tread sipes help to disperse road surface water, slush and snow.

  • The tire we call a “summer tire”, is generally –and most often- actually an all-season tire. It is a versatile tire that offers good performance in the spring and the fall, and that has a higher tolerance for colder temperatures. These tires are generally not suited for harsh Canadian winters as the materials used to make these tires generally lose their flexibility under 7 °C. This not only means that they become less performant in these temperatures, it also means they can become dangerous. All-season tires are great for slight variations in temperature, but are not designed for wintry conditions. In the way they are designed, all-season tires are comprised of a versatile tire tread that is rather smooth, and they generally offer lower rolling resistance, in an effort to also reduce fuel consumption. They are versatile tires that are suitable for most cars, from spring to fall.

  • All-terrain tires are a mix of highway-tires (H/T) and mud-tires (M/T) with an aggressive tread design. That means A/T tires are great for daily driving, most weather conditions, and some dirt or mud. If you regularly navigate paved, gravel, and dirt roads, A/T tires might be the perfect choice for you!

  • Special Trailer Service (ST) radial tires typically feature a symmetric tread design with a solid center rib to provide constant rubber-to-road contact to enhance highway stability, traction and wear.

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