All tires sold at The Tire Man have manufacturer warranty. This warranty is offered through tire manufacturers and varies depending on brand however in general this type of warranty covers against manufacture defects which are normally discovered during the installation process. For instance, if a customer were to have a problem such as one of the tires does not balance during the installation process, or it is determined by a mechanic that the tire is out of round, than the replacement of the tire is covered by the Tire Man. For a full replacement of the tire, manufacturers would require the customer to provide documentation from a licensed mechanic of the issue. The customer is required to return the defective tire to The Tire Man in order to get the new tire at no cost.

There is no road hazard coverage offered by the manufacturer. Broken belts, ripped beads, or vehicle related wear for example are not covered under manufactures warranty as it is not a defect with the tire, but caused by an outside source. The Tire Man does not offer any additional warranty coverage aside from the manufacturer warranty at this time. 

Please note warranty claims are the sole discretion of each tire manufacturer. The Tire Man facilitates the gathering and submission of the required documentation to each tire manufacturer on behalf of each customer, however we have no ability to impact the results of the warranty claim.  The Tire Man commits to providing exemplary customer service to assist with your warranty claim.  Abusive behaviour or threats will not be tolerated towards any of our staff as we assist in your claim.  Doing so, will result in the immediate closure of your warranty claim without any further response.